Saturday, October 24, 2009

24th/25th October a short dream

Wow, it has been quite sometime since the last one of these;

walking along a broad street
(possibly non-residential
certainly few houses / buildings nearby
an avenue more than a street
with a definite incline (?))

walking along behind four girls
on my crutches
the girls have style, although different levels of fashion sense
(although all are a bit trashy)
one with long brown hair has red streaks in it

and suddenly
up comes Drew Barrymore in her wheelchair
(famed for being wheelchair bound)
along with someone else
I know this is all part of
America's Next Top Model
(or similar reality tv competition fashion show)

(who is the presenter on the show?
or is behind the scenes producer for it???)
comes up to me
and says
"There are no disabilities in the world of this show"
and there is a twinkle in both our eyes.
We both see the irony.

And I explain
someone else (my mate? my flatmate?)
filled in the application to get me on the show

By now we come to cross another Avenue
and here the hill it comes up from is near vertical
So I go to cross it
on my crutches
carefully moving around the lip of the sheer drop

the road is sort of cobbled
in a modern-ish way
I get across to the half way point
which is a large median strip
(raised park like area)
and look back
at Drew who is wondering how to cross without tumbling down the drop


Friday, October 9, 2009

No Dreams

for so long
made a determined effort last night

all I recall

wall made of ...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2nd/3rd Sept 09, End of Dream

previously in the dream
I had been hanging out with
my cousin R
I think
and her foreign (?) guest

if not all the time
we're ended up
in the green countryside village (?...)
next to a train crossing

and I left them to it
by the road next to the train crossing
to go
'home'? to bed?
to my space...

a hiking tent
which was just across the road
it wasn't late
about 7pm
and still daylight
so I headed to the small tent in a green field
(in the mid-distance)
as I head towards it
I see not a tall figure
not small - but on the smaller size of average
headed in to the tent
wearing colourful ethnic clothes

I head inside
and as I suddenly always suspected
L looks up at me from inside
'but she's taller than that' I think
but inside the tent
it isn't clear how tall / short she is

I ask if she wants me to wait outside
while she changes
but she thinks I'm being silly
just then we're distracted by
a huge flock of birds
very colourful
possibly related to the Wrybill
or were they humming bird like?
some exotic bird with a long bent bill
but much more colourful
all of which landed in the blossoming tree hanging overhead


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

old dreamflake from old notes

From Notes:

Equvipelent' -
or a word similar
(spelt out in the dream)
- meaning
giving a gift (eg jewelry) to some one who knows the full previous meaning of the gift

TV shows short woman runs through
the evening crowds

on the phone
stating that only people on the list -
holds up my tattered - ripped up
address page from my pocket diary
- get mentioned in our magazine
they have paid
No one else

on the phone in the other room
not their office - but the open plan one beyond
with a 'donor' possibly told off

others come back from lunch
moves back to own office puts sign on the outside
the phone calls are secret

Guy pokes head around door
'don't look like you're that busy'

Woman (secretary) comes in
guy wants to chat

wonder how long she has been there
did she overhear?...

I must have WOKEN here
since there are no more notes.

25/26 August 09 -pattering of heavy dream-drops from last night

Why do I keep on dreaming about Russia?

well into the dream...
and we're in Russia

quite where I cannot recall
a prison?
some situation where escape is a desired option ?
something like that...

Grey day
bleak low buildings
muddy? broken grassless ground
grey churned frozen mud

A storm?
I look over there
a small tornado
grubby brown by the grey sheds
in the mid-distance
an old
a middle-aged man
is over there
I realize
possibly some one states this
'he's going to get away'
or such
(daylight embellishment?)
then we see - still in the distance
beyond the twister
he is confronted by 3 or 4 men
the main guy an official?
not in uniform
I don't recall if he runs away
or if he talks first
less convinced by the talking first

He runs
the main guy lifts his gun
do the others fire?
it seems likely they do
but I don't recall that
and I am the man on the run
and I can see the main guy holding his gun at arms reach in the distance
taking his time to aim
to kill me
am I the man on the run?
or nearby
not sure
the man on the run slows
does strange small head movements
to avoid being predictable
to avoid being shot
the man with the gun doesn't move
he waits -
the man on the run is about to pass behind the wall
and hence have cover
but I realise that the man with the gun has aligned it so at the point the escapee passes the wall is the point he can get a shot off
and that is getting closer and closer
and it doesn't matter how odd the escapee's head wiggles are
or how fast or slow they go
the point crossing behind the wall is the point when he'll have a clean shot

must have been
the Escapee / me???
is running down the grey open muddy street
other people are also running
the storm is still going

as he runs along
he comes across a beaked military (?) hat
lying in the rutted muddy ground
? a prison guard?
others are using the storm to escape
even those on the oppressing side

possibly he is a spy trying to escape...
not sure...
and it goes
faded by the sunlight of forgotten

possibly moments later
possibly after a long dream

there are maps
how to escape from Russia
they confuse me
the Arctic Circle as seen from above as a rectangular map
I never knew
Malaysia was so close to Alaska?
to the Arctic Circle
you just jump across

but here is another
the bottom slither of South America
and how
the bottom wedge of ?? Africa?
South America again?
touches it at right angles
between them
all yellow sandy land with a few squiggles of blue lines for water
rivers? or natural canals between seas
that beach must be huge...
and then on down to Antarctica

Not seen that before
too used to looking at it all on a globe
and then it is gone

much less clear
already mostly evaporated by the day

... living in a house...

...getting a bus...

... getting off...

being above the road
on the pavement above the route
we're not in New Zealand
America perhaps?...
not sure...

I'm looking down from the greenery
onto the road below
at the bus
spying on?
a mature woman
possibly in a business suit

I'm on the bus
possibly was looking down at the bus
after I got off...

I am on the bus
and I get off at the stop I think I should get off at
but I am wrong
I have to walk further along
I have gotten off a road too early
and so walk along the verdant grass side of the street
with trees towering around the route down the right turn I thought I should take.
I walk across the open grass - beside the road
cutting a corner to get to the next right turn

it turns out it to be a T junction
which seems odd to me
I'd swear it was a right turn where I get off.

But this is right
I walk to the right
this part of the street is crowded with houses and shops (?)
looks quite old London-esque

I walk down the street
memory fade

and I am inside the house with JK
am I inside the house climbing the stairs
and I meet JK?...

the rooms we pass seem full of stuff
books, records, all sorts of stuff
do all the rooms - or just some...
we come to a turning off the landing onto the stairs
and there are books and board games,
lots of old board games
tied together with string?
blocking the stairs
filling the stairs
I scramble over them
coming next to a stack of Tintin hardbacks
all resting spine up in my way
I try to step around them but cannot

JK comments he doesn't need to
I think it is that his longer legs means that he can step on the gaps inbetween the boxes and stuff - where as I have to walk on them...

the dream fades
was there more
I don't know


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12/13 August, the end whisp of a dream

It had been a long dream
I groggily lay there writing this in my notebook when I woke early

even now as I type it up
I am aware of how logical it all felt

a lot had happened
but i don't recall any of it now
even as I noted it
I was aware I couldn't really grasp it beyond the immediate last few moments
those hours of dream-mists had already blow off by consciousness:

Some one else comes down to the vault
marble stairs
marble vault
daylight embellishment???
he was someone from earlier in the dream
possibly in narrative terms the antagonist?

we talk
the essence is we're saying
"here help us get this out of here"

he is going

was he official?
army ?
medals strip on official uniform??
or not?
guy in coat???
somehow - man with power??

I think
He is saying 'no' in the way - 'this is too useful for us here'
'it has potential'
it is powerful - hence keeping it here in Moscow
is useful for the Russian future
unconcerned about the danger to the people here...

I turn to him
"1oo rads, 2oo rads, 300 rads," - I keep counting
100 / second
'this is how much you're taking every moment'
we turn the corner of the stairs
"500, 550, 600, 650,"
my count changes
the stone between us will be absorbing the radiation
"this is how much radiation you taking"

"you give me that stuff, terrorism and a way to weaponize it
and I can make Moscow uninhabitable for a million years"*
(daylight entanglement
it wasn't quite said this way)

A blank look of uncomprehending terror

'That's not a thousand -
A Million.
so long your puny brain cannot comprehend it"

I pound the guy in the chest as I say this
(do I ?
or was that a daylight embellishment?)


I think
there was a race across Moscow ?
(the whole dream was set in russia
I think...
certain most of it was)
other people
were trying to stop us

we get to
the bank????
not sure
where we are headed
large Marble glorious hall
large entrance way windows?
sunlight streaming in everywhere

a marble set of steps
going down into the ground

going down these
they turn a corner into
a subterranian hallway
the vault
where everything else
(here recorded)
then happens
down to the vault

it all felt like a thriller
some film
very undreamlike

* = what i mean here
is if he keeps it here in Moscow
given two other things this is a likely outcome
not that 'I' would do this
but 'I' can foresee this as what will happen

dream from some time ago (from notes)

Apologies for not posting this earlier:

there's a back garden
being kept as a zoo
here a party is going on

the Tiger is being kept
in a Summer House
(posh shack like hut)
like the one my friend's family had at the bottom of their garden when I was a child
it was on rollers and you could twirl it around
it was wood and had a large amount of windows in the front - with double doors

Lion is also kept somewhere

both are out
Bunter (my cat) is a medium sized dog (???!)
and jumps up at me seeking attention?
not afraid - but keen
or was he afraid...
not sure

hair all up on end
scared - alarmed
or intensely aware

both Lion and Tiger are out -
I'm holding one by a leash
the other I have by the scruff of their neck
did I capture one ?
was it the lion?...

trying to not let them
get into a fight each other
(may or may not happen
not a definite though)

The Tiger is now back in the Summer House
Lion back in something lockable / secure

The Tiger tries to push their way out of the bottom of the old wooden door
it is slightly bendy
giving slightly
(as if rotten - rather than solid)
not sure how long this'll last

"This isn't going to hold
we need chains - something
to secure the door more -
one at the top, one at the bottom"
I'm telling

the party goers?...
what sort of party is it?
are there families? children?
it is daytime
I don't recall

I look in through the windows
inside the summer house
there's a bed
How long it'll be before the tiger realizes they can jump up on the bed
and hence up and over the top of the doors
and out
yes the Summer House doors are only so high
and there is a open gap between the top of the doors and the ceiling

then I realise that
out back of the Summer House
there is a pathetic weave fence
(that could never hold back any large beast)
about only 4 feet high!
possibly even less with the ground here rising up towards
the back of the Summer House.

'Surely the Tiger could get over this no problem!'
but around
the party people
laugh and drink outside this

Earlier - I was walking with the tiger on the leash without a problem...

and here's a bit of the notes I recall not:
when we were trying to keep the Tiger in the Summer House
under the doors
( I think around the time the Tiger was trying to get out)
little strange creatures
and little 'fake' creatures
are there for 'the ride'
what was this?
I really don't remember
did you need the little creatures as tickets
to get on the rollercoaster ride???
or were they trying to get on the back of the tiger for that ride?...

as we put the Tiger back in the Summer House
the Tiger ???
those who had come to my aid??
was grabbing up handfuls of the little creatures / the fakes...

and I wake...

Friday, July 31, 2009

just one image, 31 July /1 August 09

the distant submarine
for that is what it is
is short and stubby & fat
near cartoon like
listed heavily to one side
as part of its design
I (?)
sits? on the top fishing

is it stuck on mud flats?...
think it is just very high in the water

... there was more to this dream...
this was I think the end...

there were no more developments on this section at least

I drifted back and WAKE.


wake up at
6 or 5
these last few days
No Dreams
don't really notice I lay awake for a while
an hour?
before 'waking up'
feel grumpy later in the day
Hadn't even thought about it till now

am I having trouble with my sleep
or haven't I noticed this before...

Friday, July 17, 2009

half a dream, 17/18 july 2009

I dreamt last night
I dreamt,

I think I was
in L.A. with SH
though this might have just been dreamknowledge
rather than experienced

this is too far back
too deep in the waters of dream

did I dream this
or had it yet to solidify ?

were these just whisps
or had some events already occurred
but already broken off and drifted down
in the forgotten realms of the forgotten?

I am picked up???
driven to a party??
a meeting?...
was I with S
or was I meeting him there?

one variant
seems to be I went from my apartment
?hotel room?
to a complex where I met with S
and we were then picked up and taken somewhere else
(to the party / meeting / supper??)
was it lunchtime?
yes I think it was the day
when we were picked up
and then it was the night when we came back...

coming back
this is clearer
more recent dreamstuff
yet to be evapourated by daylight

the meeting?
there might have been people by a roof top(?)
a high up
businessmen - hollywood types
sunglasses, large, in swimming trunks
talking business...
daylight embellishment?

what I do recall
is coming back at night
I'm being driven back in a huge bulk of a car
nearly mini-bus-sized
but still trying to pretend it was posh

I am coming back from some huge party / swanky do
lots of people and me have left
many in limos and other cars

The streets
we drive in are grimy London-like
narrow old english city
victorian arches on walls
black with ancient soot...

We come to a T-junction and turn to the right
and there on top of the traffic light
sits a long haired school girl
how odd it must be to grow up in LA I think
(did I?
or is this daylight embellishment?)
I note her
I wonder about her
what I wonder
unless it is this,
I don't recall.

She seems calm
zen calm?
no, surely not.

just calm
watching the late night traffic go by
was she dressed in school uniform?
or just that young??
I don't recall...

We drive on
we turn left under a...

I don't remember
is this the right way?

and then
and I'm walking through the conference center
a large center
(near where we got picked up at the first place)

I think I'm somehow on the outside
like this stretch is all a verandah like thing
with the main building to my left and jutting several stories above me
I think the building is white
This section / corridor
is a little like walking underneath the bleachers
except here they are staggered stories of flats? rooms?

I walk along and here at a corner
(left turn)
there are half a dozen or so folk
at least half staff
by some white outside style dining tables and chairs
(all of them white
something I failed to note at the time)

some of the staff are clearing up plates
the late end of supper
possibly a couple still eat
or two businessmen still chat

an older waitress is clearing the table

I still have my cocktail glass from the swanky do
in my hand
(I've had this a while
in the car etc
it has been bothering me a bit
(did I previously want to put it down?
or is that thought daylight embellishment?)
thinking about it now
I wonder why I didn't want to keep it was a souvenir
but in the dream that thought never occurred.

As I had noted before
the cocktail glass was odd
consisting of a normal top
with a design
a metal spiral band encased with the funnel of the glass

but the stem was a very thin metal coil
totally flexible
(like that one might use for a strap
on a purse)
and on
the bottom it was attached to a
wooden bar
(at its mid-point)
about the width of a pencil
smooth & cylindrical
the length that the diameter of the base should have been
with a very 'designed' notch at either end.

I walk on further
and I am above (and to the right of) the parking lot / greenery / ???swimming pool area
on a roofed walkway
(still white
still 'in' the conference center area)
with occasional steps down
(akin to railway station pedestrian overpasses)
I head down the stairs
to my left

limos are taking people away from this renedezvous point

walking on foot as
limos and swanky end cars pass
in a low hedged / car parky / gardeny area
having to stand aside for cars to pass

I got driven here (by taxi?)
possibly S picked me up and drove me here
then we got picked up by the huge near mini-bus chauffeur driven guest collector type car

same dream??
other dream??

seemed to be a clip from
'Deja vu'*
some plain clothed inspectors (police)
looking at (presumably Denzel Washington's) apartment
stating something about him only being gone for a week
and yet it is as if he has left the apartment for six months
something about time travel
(did they say this?
or is this just dreamknowledge?)
the pot plants are now withered masses of dead branches and twigs
(as if they had grown fully and healthily
for a while and then withered
leaving dead bushes
(rather than sagging greenery))

the inspector says something about how horrible the fridge will be
before he opens the door to it
from our quite mid-distance perspective
(shot from the other side of the room)
it looks a bit like a freezer overgrown with ice
but we assume this is mould

and there is some
talk / thought / thing
about mould growing over mould
that what we are looking at is the end habitat of 6 months of shifting ecology
whole organisms have come and gone before the door was opened

around here?

I'm pretty sure there are no memories of the swanky do to be found


but I wonder
if the dream had been allowed to grow for longer
would the strands have come together?
would I have found I would be the person missing from the apartment?
and the meeting / party / soiree
which seemed to be a day and an evening
have stolen 6 months?...

(very traditional folklore faerie-esque)

*= a 2006 thriller / time travel movie
set in contemporary times - with a time travel device that allows our protagonists to see back in time by somewhere between 4 days and 12 hours
starring Denzel Washington, directed by Tony Scott,
written by Bill Marisilii & Terru Rossio

not a dream

I wake up
and the radio is talking about Freud's 'On the interpretation of dreams'.

the painters have arrived
stomp stomp
over the roof
stomp stomp stomp

I look at the cat.
And I think are dreams like this?

The cat has their life
something defined, somethings not,

if I howl* at them for long enough they'll feed me after the sunsets
(not Note at 6pm which is what we humans thinks happen)

and then there are these moments
strangers come to the house
strangers who the cat has never seen, heard, smelt before

and they start to water-blast the skin off the house

what does the cat think of this?
this not like understanding a dream to the cat?
the cat doesn't understand the phonecall I made to the painters
the cat doesn't know I knew they were coming
(still, I shudder awake at nine when I have been woken a second time**
by the arrival of the painters - I was up till 3am last night)
(I must get up - I must work
but first my dreamlife & my not so dreamlife...)

But the cat sees I don't jump up
I'm not shocked or surprised
I head to the doorway
and sing / call / meow - (however the cat perceives it)
to these unknown people
who smell of chemicals no doubt
who the cat doesn't know
who aren't from around here

but then I hide inside and they blast the outside of the house.

to the cat
isn't their perception like mine with a dream
not understanding the greater details
the moments of human clan dealings
make no sense
or at least
a surreal dreamlike logic...

the cat disappears into the cold winter outside world.

the cat's waking world.

* = the cat definitely howls
(I suspect it tries to wail like a baby since twice upon a times it has lived with families with small newly borns to the age of 2)

** =the cat alarm clock works (intermittently) at a 7am feed me ring

Sunday, July 12, 2009

12/13 July 2009 from notes

can I even recall this dream...

the notes say:

chatting to girl
after she fought in the street
appearance of tree
trying to cross
... crossing street

walking around 'american street'

motel about to be run by 'E'
gangsters debate - just be straight
it is a shitty motel
seeing you dad cowtow to that guy
young gangster guy fire fight kills robbers

ygg being told to break fingers? due to lack of tatooist to tatoo to proove he is worth of being old gangsters son

needing alchohlo

but they are backwards
from the moment of waking
the first thing that is remembered is the last thing that happened

Talk to a girl in the street.
she wasn't very tall
she was cute
we chatted and walked down the street together...

...before that
I had been walking up (?) and down the street
I had come to the dead end of the street - slight down hill from the very long
wide street
suburban - no, urban
respectable urban

there was a crossing
a pedestrian crossing
(was there?)
there was an intersection and people were crossing
(were there any people??
is this daylight embellishment??)

I was going to cross the street
and two
at least two people in front of me were as well
as they crossed the lights must have changed and cars came
some made it across
did they exist?
but two girls were caught crossing the street
one was caught half way and had to run to the middle
so did the other
or did she come all the way back to the pavement?
in the middle there was now a tree
that wasn't there a moment ago
I did not notice this in my dream
but now I note - this appeared out of nowhere
around the time it appeared
I was POVing as one of the girls /
as myself in the middle of the road
one of the girls
(the further along)
cute small one
had a bike against the tree
daylight embellishment?
with really tall handle bars
and then
I think she was fighting the slightly fatter other one
over the bike???
really not sure

It has been so long I'll post this now
and I'll post more of this later.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a slither 8/9 July 09

already this fades
I wake early
the full moon still peers between the clouds
blessing the coming day

I had half a daydream half a dream
a thin whisp
but what was it...

with someone
(damn, who was it...
this wasn't some vague indistinct dream figure
this was a definite person...)

driving around the hillside roads
of Wellington

we stop
they? he gets out
or was it me

we stop
beside a wooden walkway
that lead up the hillside
the steep slope

to a good
five feet?
off the ground
where a landing stage
juts out from the hillside

landing stage?...
more a staircase landing

a wooden
but it is battered

possibly there used to be steps down to the road
but have been knocked away
or possibly they have been 'washed' away
and the wooden supports have corroded.

I get out from the car
and onto the landing
touching the ground

was I really asleep?

I need more sleep
I look tired all the time at the moment.