Friday, July 17, 2009

half a dream, 17/18 july 2009

I dreamt last night
I dreamt,

I think I was
in L.A. with SH
though this might have just been dreamknowledge
rather than experienced

this is too far back
too deep in the waters of dream

did I dream this
or had it yet to solidify ?

were these just whisps
or had some events already occurred
but already broken off and drifted down
in the forgotten realms of the forgotten?

I am picked up???
driven to a party??
a meeting?...
was I with S
or was I meeting him there?

one variant
seems to be I went from my apartment
?hotel room?
to a complex where I met with S
and we were then picked up and taken somewhere else
(to the party / meeting / supper??)
was it lunchtime?
yes I think it was the day
when we were picked up
and then it was the night when we came back...

coming back
this is clearer
more recent dreamstuff
yet to be evapourated by daylight

the meeting?
there might have been people by a roof top(?)
a high up
businessmen - hollywood types
sunglasses, large, in swimming trunks
talking business...
daylight embellishment?

what I do recall
is coming back at night
I'm being driven back in a huge bulk of a car
nearly mini-bus-sized
but still trying to pretend it was posh

I am coming back from some huge party / swanky do
lots of people and me have left
many in limos and other cars

The streets
we drive in are grimy London-like
narrow old english city
victorian arches on walls
black with ancient soot...

We come to a T-junction and turn to the right
and there on top of the traffic light
sits a long haired school girl
how odd it must be to grow up in LA I think
(did I?
or is this daylight embellishment?)
I note her
I wonder about her
what I wonder
unless it is this,
I don't recall.

She seems calm
zen calm?
no, surely not.

just calm
watching the late night traffic go by
was she dressed in school uniform?
or just that young??
I don't recall...

We drive on
we turn left under a...

I don't remember
is this the right way?

and then
and I'm walking through the conference center
a large center
(near where we got picked up at the first place)

I think I'm somehow on the outside
like this stretch is all a verandah like thing
with the main building to my left and jutting several stories above me
I think the building is white
This section / corridor
is a little like walking underneath the bleachers
except here they are staggered stories of flats? rooms?

I walk along and here at a corner
(left turn)
there are half a dozen or so folk
at least half staff
by some white outside style dining tables and chairs
(all of them white
something I failed to note at the time)

some of the staff are clearing up plates
the late end of supper
possibly a couple still eat
or two businessmen still chat

an older waitress is clearing the table

I still have my cocktail glass from the swanky do
in my hand
(I've had this a while
in the car etc
it has been bothering me a bit
(did I previously want to put it down?
or is that thought daylight embellishment?)
thinking about it now
I wonder why I didn't want to keep it was a souvenir
but in the dream that thought never occurred.

As I had noted before
the cocktail glass was odd
consisting of a normal top
with a design
a metal spiral band encased with the funnel of the glass

but the stem was a very thin metal coil
totally flexible
(like that one might use for a strap
on a purse)
and on
the bottom it was attached to a
wooden bar
(at its mid-point)
about the width of a pencil
smooth & cylindrical
the length that the diameter of the base should have been
with a very 'designed' notch at either end.

I walk on further
and I am above (and to the right of) the parking lot / greenery / ???swimming pool area
on a roofed walkway
(still white
still 'in' the conference center area)
with occasional steps down
(akin to railway station pedestrian overpasses)
I head down the stairs
to my left

limos are taking people away from this renedezvous point

walking on foot as
limos and swanky end cars pass
in a low hedged / car parky / gardeny area
having to stand aside for cars to pass

I got driven here (by taxi?)
possibly S picked me up and drove me here
then we got picked up by the huge near mini-bus chauffeur driven guest collector type car

same dream??
other dream??

seemed to be a clip from
'Deja vu'*
some plain clothed inspectors (police)
looking at (presumably Denzel Washington's) apartment
stating something about him only being gone for a week
and yet it is as if he has left the apartment for six months
something about time travel
(did they say this?
or is this just dreamknowledge?)
the pot plants are now withered masses of dead branches and twigs
(as if they had grown fully and healthily
for a while and then withered
leaving dead bushes
(rather than sagging greenery))

the inspector says something about how horrible the fridge will be
before he opens the door to it
from our quite mid-distance perspective
(shot from the other side of the room)
it looks a bit like a freezer overgrown with ice
but we assume this is mould

and there is some
talk / thought / thing
about mould growing over mould
that what we are looking at is the end habitat of 6 months of shifting ecology
whole organisms have come and gone before the door was opened

around here?

I'm pretty sure there are no memories of the swanky do to be found


but I wonder
if the dream had been allowed to grow for longer
would the strands have come together?
would I have found I would be the person missing from the apartment?
and the meeting / party / soiree
which seemed to be a day and an evening
have stolen 6 months?...

(very traditional folklore faerie-esque)

*= a 2006 thriller / time travel movie
set in contemporary times - with a time travel device that allows our protagonists to see back in time by somewhere between 4 days and 12 hours
starring Denzel Washington, directed by Tony Scott,
written by Bill Marisilii & Terru Rossio

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  1. I think it's cool you associate "you & SH hanging out together" with high end LA industry functions, limos, cocktails, etc.