Friday, July 31, 2009

just one image, 31 July /1 August 09

the distant submarine
for that is what it is
is short and stubby & fat
near cartoon like
listed heavily to one side
as part of its design
I (?)
sits? on the top fishing

is it stuck on mud flats?...
think it is just very high in the water

... there was more to this dream...
this was I think the end...

there were no more developments on this section at least

I drifted back and WAKE.


wake up at
6 or 5
these last few days
No Dreams
don't really notice I lay awake for a while
an hour?
before 'waking up'
feel grumpy later in the day
Hadn't even thought about it till now

am I having trouble with my sleep
or haven't I noticed this before...

Friday, July 17, 2009

half a dream, 17/18 july 2009

I dreamt last night
I dreamt,

I think I was
in L.A. with SH
though this might have just been dreamknowledge
rather than experienced

this is too far back
too deep in the waters of dream

did I dream this
or had it yet to solidify ?

were these just whisps
or had some events already occurred
but already broken off and drifted down
in the forgotten realms of the forgotten?

I am picked up???
driven to a party??
a meeting?...
was I with S
or was I meeting him there?

one variant
seems to be I went from my apartment
?hotel room?
to a complex where I met with S
and we were then picked up and taken somewhere else
(to the party / meeting / supper??)
was it lunchtime?
yes I think it was the day
when we were picked up
and then it was the night when we came back...

coming back
this is clearer
more recent dreamstuff
yet to be evapourated by daylight

the meeting?
there might have been people by a roof top(?)
a high up
businessmen - hollywood types
sunglasses, large, in swimming trunks
talking business...
daylight embellishment?

what I do recall
is coming back at night
I'm being driven back in a huge bulk of a car
nearly mini-bus-sized
but still trying to pretend it was posh

I am coming back from some huge party / swanky do
lots of people and me have left
many in limos and other cars

The streets
we drive in are grimy London-like
narrow old english city
victorian arches on walls
black with ancient soot...

We come to a T-junction and turn to the right
and there on top of the traffic light
sits a long haired school girl
how odd it must be to grow up in LA I think
(did I?
or is this daylight embellishment?)
I note her
I wonder about her
what I wonder
unless it is this,
I don't recall.

She seems calm
zen calm?
no, surely not.

just calm
watching the late night traffic go by
was she dressed in school uniform?
or just that young??
I don't recall...

We drive on
we turn left under a...

I don't remember
is this the right way?

and then
and I'm walking through the conference center
a large center
(near where we got picked up at the first place)

I think I'm somehow on the outside
like this stretch is all a verandah like thing
with the main building to my left and jutting several stories above me
I think the building is white
This section / corridor
is a little like walking underneath the bleachers
except here they are staggered stories of flats? rooms?

I walk along and here at a corner
(left turn)
there are half a dozen or so folk
at least half staff
by some white outside style dining tables and chairs
(all of them white
something I failed to note at the time)

some of the staff are clearing up plates
the late end of supper
possibly a couple still eat
or two businessmen still chat

an older waitress is clearing the table

I still have my cocktail glass from the swanky do
in my hand
(I've had this a while
in the car etc
it has been bothering me a bit
(did I previously want to put it down?
or is that thought daylight embellishment?)
thinking about it now
I wonder why I didn't want to keep it was a souvenir
but in the dream that thought never occurred.

As I had noted before
the cocktail glass was odd
consisting of a normal top
with a design
a metal spiral band encased with the funnel of the glass

but the stem was a very thin metal coil
totally flexible
(like that one might use for a strap
on a purse)
and on
the bottom it was attached to a
wooden bar
(at its mid-point)
about the width of a pencil
smooth & cylindrical
the length that the diameter of the base should have been
with a very 'designed' notch at either end.

I walk on further
and I am above (and to the right of) the parking lot / greenery / ???swimming pool area
on a roofed walkway
(still white
still 'in' the conference center area)
with occasional steps down
(akin to railway station pedestrian overpasses)
I head down the stairs
to my left

limos are taking people away from this renedezvous point

walking on foot as
limos and swanky end cars pass
in a low hedged / car parky / gardeny area
having to stand aside for cars to pass

I got driven here (by taxi?)
possibly S picked me up and drove me here
then we got picked up by the huge near mini-bus chauffeur driven guest collector type car

same dream??
other dream??

seemed to be a clip from
'Deja vu'*
some plain clothed inspectors (police)
looking at (presumably Denzel Washington's) apartment
stating something about him only being gone for a week
and yet it is as if he has left the apartment for six months
something about time travel
(did they say this?
or is this just dreamknowledge?)
the pot plants are now withered masses of dead branches and twigs
(as if they had grown fully and healthily
for a while and then withered
leaving dead bushes
(rather than sagging greenery))

the inspector says something about how horrible the fridge will be
before he opens the door to it
from our quite mid-distance perspective
(shot from the other side of the room)
it looks a bit like a freezer overgrown with ice
but we assume this is mould

and there is some
talk / thought / thing
about mould growing over mould
that what we are looking at is the end habitat of 6 months of shifting ecology
whole organisms have come and gone before the door was opened

around here?

I'm pretty sure there are no memories of the swanky do to be found


but I wonder
if the dream had been allowed to grow for longer
would the strands have come together?
would I have found I would be the person missing from the apartment?
and the meeting / party / soiree
which seemed to be a day and an evening
have stolen 6 months?...

(very traditional folklore faerie-esque)

*= a 2006 thriller / time travel movie
set in contemporary times - with a time travel device that allows our protagonists to see back in time by somewhere between 4 days and 12 hours
starring Denzel Washington, directed by Tony Scott,
written by Bill Marisilii & Terru Rossio

not a dream

I wake up
and the radio is talking about Freud's 'On the interpretation of dreams'.

the painters have arrived
stomp stomp
over the roof
stomp stomp stomp

I look at the cat.
And I think are dreams like this?

The cat has their life
something defined, somethings not,

if I howl* at them for long enough they'll feed me after the sunsets
(not Note at 6pm which is what we humans thinks happen)

and then there are these moments
strangers come to the house
strangers who the cat has never seen, heard, smelt before

and they start to water-blast the skin off the house

what does the cat think of this?
this not like understanding a dream to the cat?
the cat doesn't understand the phonecall I made to the painters
the cat doesn't know I knew they were coming
(still, I shudder awake at nine when I have been woken a second time**
by the arrival of the painters - I was up till 3am last night)
(I must get up - I must work
but first my dreamlife & my not so dreamlife...)

But the cat sees I don't jump up
I'm not shocked or surprised
I head to the doorway
and sing / call / meow - (however the cat perceives it)
to these unknown people
who smell of chemicals no doubt
who the cat doesn't know
who aren't from around here

but then I hide inside and they blast the outside of the house.

to the cat
isn't their perception like mine with a dream
not understanding the greater details
the moments of human clan dealings
make no sense
or at least
a surreal dreamlike logic...

the cat disappears into the cold winter outside world.

the cat's waking world.

* = the cat definitely howls
(I suspect it tries to wail like a baby since twice upon a times it has lived with families with small newly borns to the age of 2)

** =the cat alarm clock works (intermittently) at a 7am feed me ring

Sunday, July 12, 2009

12/13 July 2009 from notes

can I even recall this dream...

the notes say:

chatting to girl
after she fought in the street
appearance of tree
trying to cross
... crossing street

walking around 'american street'

motel about to be run by 'E'
gangsters debate - just be straight
it is a shitty motel
seeing you dad cowtow to that guy
young gangster guy fire fight kills robbers

ygg being told to break fingers? due to lack of tatooist to tatoo to proove he is worth of being old gangsters son

needing alchohlo

but they are backwards
from the moment of waking
the first thing that is remembered is the last thing that happened

Talk to a girl in the street.
she wasn't very tall
she was cute
we chatted and walked down the street together...

...before that
I had been walking up (?) and down the street
I had come to the dead end of the street - slight down hill from the very long
wide street
suburban - no, urban
respectable urban

there was a crossing
a pedestrian crossing
(was there?)
there was an intersection and people were crossing
(were there any people??
is this daylight embellishment??)

I was going to cross the street
and two
at least two people in front of me were as well
as they crossed the lights must have changed and cars came
some made it across
did they exist?
but two girls were caught crossing the street
one was caught half way and had to run to the middle
so did the other
or did she come all the way back to the pavement?
in the middle there was now a tree
that wasn't there a moment ago
I did not notice this in my dream
but now I note - this appeared out of nowhere
around the time it appeared
I was POVing as one of the girls /
as myself in the middle of the road
one of the girls
(the further along)
cute small one
had a bike against the tree
daylight embellishment?
with really tall handle bars
and then
I think she was fighting the slightly fatter other one
over the bike???
really not sure

It has been so long I'll post this now
and I'll post more of this later.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a slither 8/9 July 09

already this fades
I wake early
the full moon still peers between the clouds
blessing the coming day

I had half a daydream half a dream
a thin whisp
but what was it...

with someone
(damn, who was it...
this wasn't some vague indistinct dream figure
this was a definite person...)

driving around the hillside roads
of Wellington

we stop
they? he gets out
or was it me

we stop
beside a wooden walkway
that lead up the hillside
the steep slope

to a good
five feet?
off the ground
where a landing stage
juts out from the hillside

landing stage?...
more a staircase landing

a wooden
but it is battered

possibly there used to be steps down to the road
but have been knocked away
or possibly they have been 'washed' away
and the wooden supports have corroded.

I get out from the car
and onto the landing
touching the ground

was I really asleep?

I need more sleep
I look tired all the time at the moment.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

27/28 June 09 - far too late - from Notes

Been working hard - and hence left this as notes - and then forgot...

so this is very behind.

It all started with an illegal street party
Meeting with an old famous reporter?
(Woodward & Bernstien-esque)
or famous playwright.

remember to mention my name ... Dmmmmmm....

A musical ??

the main singer wants to talk
to someone in the audience
(she speeds up to get to the end of the song so she can speak to the person)

She steps into the audience
(still singing.?... )

1920s wise guys
(a la Guys and Dolls?)

but the ... couple? at the back hastily leave - it is near the end of the show - the final song

Somehow this tale turns into
- or was earlier -
a gritty B/W (?)
about life on the streets
gay life
someone dying? possibly...
someone now gone
died of Aids ??

People living up outside a club
a space
he has been rejected / ejected from?

he is no longer welcome ... there
he has disappeared by the time of this footage

(that was all notes - I recall none of it)
but this one (same night)...

Another dream

thriller type...

possibly flying / possibly not ??..

I look into the cloudy night sky and can see lights of two airplanes
in the fog and mist of the clouds
both seemingly at the same height and doing circles
circling each other

avoiding each other
far, far, too close
likely to crash

they seem to circle into each other
but must be on different levels
I listen to the radio
but it is full of inarticulate bits of fuzz and scrambled half heard staticky words (?) stuff

I'm being interviewed about the incident
I'm told / I know
one was a plane - the other a parachutist
the parachutist and (like a glider - a piloted light aircraft)

All survived
But the parachutist released over British (?/New Zealand) waters
He tried to head down and the authorities tried to radio him instructions
to land near some yachts
(a yachting race)
they think he did but aren't certain
they think he is in the vicinity

in the interview they ask me
- what did you hear on the radio?
- nothing much
- Oh well, pity
they don't blame me
they've done recordings of intercepted radio traffic before
& it has been pretty inaudible...

The Dream Ended Here.

Earlier there was the Tintin bit.

Me and a party of people - including Haddock
(I'd like to say Thompson & Thomson, Professor Calculus, Nelson
but the party wasn't so overtly distinct as that)

We're in a Russian Antiquities shelter? - Mausoleum?
possibly Museum
Secure Store hangar of Museum

Stone / Concrete
Possibly Nuclear Shelter turned into Old Artifact Store

there are a few other people here going about their work
there are huge solid walls -
high high ceilings
massive square stone(?) pillars

possibly some glass display cases
(daylight embellishment?)

& a curator (?) / Staff member is showing us to the item in question

but The Main curator / Prof. of Antiquities / high up bod
is working for the bad guys and using a
tennis ball serving (firing) hose
(a la vacuum cleaner tube)
as a weapon
manages to break out with the item

(I don't recall the item...
possibly we're just after questioning him ?...)

Did we go to his office?

We hurriedly follow
we cannot let him escape
Possibly he escapes by plane
but the helpful staff member
tells us we can catch up on the train

Dreamjump to the train

The Train

(?steam train?)

we're on top of
small goods wagons of the train
filled with goods? rocks? coal? metal bits?
not sure

everyone sits ontop of them too

On the train there are
a smattering few soliders

we are passing desolate flat long straw / reed style fields
we are passing Russian Military lounging around in the fields

At the back
Captain Haddock has a pipe? a cigar?
we talk?

I wander to the front

we are passing flat desolate fields
over grown unmanaged grasses

2 of the soliders are playing...
backgammon, seems less likely
some table game?
chess with beers/shots as pawns - etc, etc?
not sure
daylight embellishment?
possibly not...

In the field
There's an Army Captain
(someone in charge there)

are they supposed to be a check point?
something we have to pass
it doesn't seem so

Later, I know that there were some harsh
dismissals / court marshals in the area for
the slackness of Troops
I know which.

that is the end of my notes

I must have WOKEN UP.