Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2nd/3rd Sept 09, End of Dream

previously in the dream
I had been hanging out with
my cousin R
I think
and her foreign (?) guest

if not all the time
we're ended up
in the green countryside village (?...)
next to a train crossing

and I left them to it
by the road next to the train crossing
to go
'home'? to bed?
to my space...

a hiking tent
which was just across the road
it wasn't late
about 7pm
and still daylight
so I headed to the small tent in a green field
(in the mid-distance)
as I head towards it
I see not a tall figure
not small - but on the smaller size of average
headed in to the tent
wearing colourful ethnic clothes

I head inside
and as I suddenly always suspected
L looks up at me from inside
'but she's taller than that' I think
but inside the tent
it isn't clear how tall / short she is

I ask if she wants me to wait outside
while she changes
but she thinks I'm being silly
just then we're distracted by
a huge flock of birds
very colourful
possibly related to the Wrybill
or were they humming bird like?
some exotic bird with a long bent bill
but much more colourful
all of which landed in the blossoming tree hanging overhead