Saturday, October 24, 2009

24th/25th October a short dream

Wow, it has been quite sometime since the last one of these;

walking along a broad street
(possibly non-residential
certainly few houses / buildings nearby
an avenue more than a street
with a definite incline (?))

walking along behind four girls
on my crutches
the girls have style, although different levels of fashion sense
(although all are a bit trashy)
one with long brown hair has red streaks in it

and suddenly
up comes Drew Barrymore in her wheelchair
(famed for being wheelchair bound)
along with someone else
I know this is all part of
America's Next Top Model
(or similar reality tv competition fashion show)

(who is the presenter on the show?
or is behind the scenes producer for it???)
comes up to me
and says
"There are no disabilities in the world of this show"
and there is a twinkle in both our eyes.
We both see the irony.

And I explain
someone else (my mate? my flatmate?)
filled in the application to get me on the show

By now we come to cross another Avenue
and here the hill it comes up from is near vertical
So I go to cross it
on my crutches
carefully moving around the lip of the sheer drop

the road is sort of cobbled
in a modern-ish way
I get across to the half way point
which is a large median strip
(raised park like area)
and look back
at Drew who is wondering how to cross without tumbling down the drop


Friday, October 9, 2009

No Dreams

for so long
made a determined effort last night

all I recall

wall made of ...