Tuesday, June 23, 2009

23/24 June 09 - a mere slither of Tuesday Night's Matariki Dream


...the girl with no name* (G)...

...SHdj (Sad House) delivering me a note...

...directing someone to the place where I had been before...
pointing in the direction of a pub
I think it is that one,
but it looks all wrong
too traditional mock? old pub-like
old wooden beams
and, like JJs, a series of wooden alcoves
but I am sure that was the right name
I don't recall the name now
but I read it then
on the sign...

but I was there before

and it wasn't this place

we walk further down the winding street
the street has a slightly Parisian feel
along the next bend
the sign says
in swirling design
"the Hat- something ...cafe?, restaurant? tea house?"...
(It isn't a name I recall in my dream
I thought it was the other name
the name of the pub... hmm...)
but this is the place
filled with folk - much more than when I went here and negotiated earlier

(negotiated about what?...
that dreamfrost is lost to the light of day pulling long shadows on the hills)

the place is not particularly ostentatious
and has large glass front but an old
1920s practical look inside
slightly scruffy
tan walls
a counter running along the far wall
the entrance goes in from the front
(daylight embellishment?... not sure...)
so there are two
distinct glass 'alcoves' jutting out
closer to the street
these contain old wooden tables
and people sitting around them
looking out (possibly)
whereas the rest of the space is standing
jostling people drinking (beer?)

but there is the large woman
the main negotiator
for whomever this band of ... thieves? workers?
whomever they might be
drinking with a bunch of large bulky men
at one of the tables
the Hat-something is packed
full of people
the large glass windows misting up
(surely this is daylight embellishment?)

this is the place
do I point her out
or does he just know?...

I leave SHdj to go in.

the dream drifts away...

a vampire party?...
crypt arches?...
is this all daylight invention?...
visually I think we can say there were a lot of chic? semi-goths
and in dreamland
these are Vampires

and within the party is G

I think it was SHdj who went with a note to G - the Girl
got me to write it.
and comes back with a reply...

I have a feeling this is the 2nd note back
in blue biro - the post-it sized note is now smattered with writing
below a previous note
it says
meet you / see you / or words to that effect


*=yep, the vanishing waitress - G

There was much much more to this dream - this is the moment before the penultimate part and then the end - but it is all I recall at the moment...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

20/21 June 2009 slight waft

ads play on VBC
the crusts of sleep still hide in the corners of my eyes.
I've been blearily awake probably for an hour...

A dream
a dream

a snippet
walking to a bus stop
along a flat part of
no, sloping
non-steep sloping
of Pembroke road
(or the same)
(the other side of the valley rugged hills)
a bus pulls up
and I think I am not going to make it to the bus stop in time
(due to my real world bad leg)
but it pulls up behind me
(before me, by some way, is the bus stop I was headed to)
and I realize - it is stopping at the new bus stop
a brand new one
new design
it has a electronic sign - red dot matrix telling the world that the #3 bus is here*
I get on
ready to pay my $5 for a daytripper.
in fact
no front windows.
no way to pay for a ticket.
Everyone else I figure must use snapper cards
The bus moves off - it is automatic
I take a seat
slightly uneasy

the other passengers
(I don't recall them in any detail - but I know there were some)
seem fine.
there are no figures of authority
I have slight qualms over not paying - but
I don't care - this is the future I didn't want
what happened to all the bus drivers?
what do they do now?

the grey painted metallic front of the bus
has the driver's wheel
(possibly a fail safe - manual override)
just by the doorway
but blocked off by a grey metallic slab
isn't clear
whether you really could squeeze inbetween the slab and the wheel in order to drive this thing.

Inside the bus the whole area is much more open space
(to carrying more standing passengers possibly?
this thought is logic from the daylight
I don't think I thought about the why
in the dream)
I think the windows are pretty boarded up with metal too
This is how you'd be transported to your doom
(shades of the trains to concentration camps here
no humans - just a blind faith this computer controlled bus will take us where we think it will

we're sliding across Willis / Mercer / Victoria / Wakefield streets
nearly in town
nearly whereever I am headed
And I am thinking
how does this work?
are computers really this sophisticated?
but I'm recalling
something about how robots are good at following fixed routes
getting along a series of straight lines from A to B isn't too hard a computing task...
but still the picking up folk
the interacting with other traffic
and pedestrians...

the dream fades?
or is it a dreamjump?

the next section I am far more hazy on

I am getting off ?

I am at?

there is a grand train-like station
huge pillars lifting up into a tall roof
(which I do no observe)
and these go on - as far as the eye an see?
certainly to a murky mid-distance

I'm alighting from the bus here???
is this a daylight embellishment??
it certainly feels like I did
the vague feeling I have is in the dream
is it?

I am here and all the ex-bus drivers are here in uniforms
dark dark blue with small small dark red epaulets
or no, badge
of some kind
part of the uniform

the ex-bus drivers are talking,
or was it
a lecture - a course?
are they now acting as the enforcers / ticket inspectors?
or are they fermenting a rebellion / strike to regain their job
I am not sure
I cannot remember...

it gets
much vaguer

we're in the star wars (phantom menace) universe
standing on the deck of a space ship

looking out across a star wars space battle
meteors and coloured laser bolts
zipping space craft
all in the distance...

all vague
less than half remembered


Notes from the other side:
*= the number 3 bus doesn't go on this route - but it does go into town.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

17/18 June 2009

much more
before this

but I recall being in a car with CG and shocker
we might be talking about

Scottish detectives??
is this daylight embellishment
might well be...
talking about

are we in scotland???
as we drive
and certainly there is some aspect of
mystery solving?
foiling criminal activity?
is it talking of shows that do that...
the shards of daylight have cut through these most vaporous of dream memory,
to say the least at 6am
these now form the diving board for my recall
here... )

We're in a car
going around in dry cold urban landscape of underpasses
it feels like urban frost
or is this daylight embellishment?
recalling 'State of Play' (FILM) and putting it here?

the landscape seems more American than Scottish
and suddenly
I'm far above and to the side

first, we drive up and round
an up-ramp
( or do we?
we are going to but I think there was just a
to arrive at the top?
a open car park?

the look is all cold, light grey / tan coloured

Rubbish around - although in pushed aside piles

and now
as we head up
around the corner

I'm far above and to the side
(like a helicopter shot)
I'm looking at a model of the dusty cold car park (?)
Now it is uncertain if it is a car park

made of cardboard?
I reach in to one of the corners
(a space under a pillar beside an up-ramp)
(still a model, so my hand is huge)
and pull out some my sized plastic see-through wrapping (like sweet wrapper or some such but more nondescript) - it fills up a large portion of the space with some other bits (scrumpled up paper, etc) - and is there to stand in for the rubbish on the smaller scale.

We're back to scale but the car park (?) is now seemingly
at ground level

and over by the chain-linked fence someone is walking past

perhaps we're investigating a crime
a murder?...

it is now the next day
somehow a time has passed from the
car journey to this moment?
possibly not?

the murder / crime / mystery
was revealed in the
part of the dream...

so we're beside the chain-link fence
or near it
we - or - just me?
no, the others are here
or nearby

a homeless man
a man
a man in raggedy clothes
or was he?
was he suspect for having not so raggedy clothes

is walking past
carrying books
a large pile of books
(an armload)

on this side of the chain-link?
is raggedy unkempt undergrowth
black bare branches of bushes
cold solid muddy pathway - looks like motorbikes use the track
(daylight embellishment


the man is moving off
we call him
he looks over his shoulder
about to be hidden by bush
(yes / no?)
we're stopping him
where did he get those books

we KNOW those books belong to the murdered victim
(a colleague?)

he claims
he was given them / picked them up...

I think he was innocent now

we let him walk off...
and the dream stops?


another dream

the start is forgotten

there is a trial
Sherlock Holmes (as played by Jeremy Brett*) is prosecuting

the benches are all high and together
like a row of judges
the Judge (unnoticed - or nondescript) a row higher than
Holmes, Watson (David Burke*), others?

Did the others include me?..
CG and shocker? - not very convinced
me possibly

I don't think CG and shocker...

in fact thinking about it now Holmes was seated in the witness stand space - except it wasn't a box - just a long continuous bench - with all the legal people along it, beneath the judge's row, - I think with on the other side of the Judge the defence team.

the lead defence attorney is out front
he holds up
a large (between A4 and A3 sized) metal plate
part of a Fire Alarm system
one edge and half a side is pocked
and smoulders

was this to prove his client's innocence
through the fire alarm failing to work
or the fact it did work?
I don't recall...

Holmes is peeved
it is such an obvious flaw

Watson appeals to Holmes not to object
it must be part of a wheeze, a trap,

but Holmes does
he points out that the Defence's exhibit of the part of the fire alarm
is still smouldering after 6 months~!

hence at least the smouldering cannot be genuine.


the dream drifts away from me...
what happened in the courtroom
was there a trick to the defence using such bogus material?...

it comes back
into focus
again I am strongly aware
that I only recall some part of this dream

there was more
just forgotten

Finding myself
(myself as Holmes? - uncertain)

on a railroad tracks
with a red headed man

red haired assistant
we're on some sort of open carriage
or open goods wagon

the area is open
- the tracks up on a mound of white/yellowish stone/rocks
we're on the edge of brick houses - estates? suburbia? old
edge of London feel
the houses are quite far apart
and some distance from our railway
this seems the sort of place
1950s kids with flatcaps would play in
nipping through the hole in the fence made by the swingable plank in the wooden fence.

This is all Daylight Embellishment
I'm not even sure there was a fence beside this wasteland
it gives one the right feel

clear day
possibly summer
though not hot per se

behind us is a copse of trees?
a bushy amount of foliage
high bushes

we're here?
I'm here
to foil a plot
is it me and Holmes
or me as Holmes

our wagon is beside a old wooden signals hut
with the train track splitting in two beyond us.

Our red headed assistant asks something about our actions

Holmes explains to our red headed assistant
that we are here to foil a plot

that some evidence
is on the train line
a horse in a horse box
and that the conspirators are pretending to go hunting
an exotic animal - an Oryx or a Zebra
but intend to shoot the horse instead

or was it the other way around?...

Either way
Kill the evidence
by having it in a box car along the track where the conspirators are shooting their game - and so they can 'accidentally' shoot / kill the creature - hence the evidence
all of which will happen along the track
hidden by the foliage

at which point
shooting starts

seemingly at us!
goes on ???
to the further open wagon
the wagon is shunted

I notice
as the assistant looks forward
that his red hair is a wig
his sideburns fake

he is a traitor working for the conspiracy

are we the aim of the attack?
just getting too close
and hence our unfaithful assistant has changed the signals and is shunting our party out of the way of the conspiracy?...
our traitor finding we are getting too close
is now trying to get us to be shot by the shooting party?..

I don't know
if there was any more
It is forgotten


Notes from the otherside:
* = Recently I have been watching epsiodes of the early Eighties series of 'the adventures of Sherlock Holmes' - last night I saw 'The red headed league'.
Also 'The Wire'