Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a slither 8/9 July 09

already this fades
I wake early
the full moon still peers between the clouds
blessing the coming day

I had half a daydream half a dream
a thin whisp
but what was it...

with someone
(damn, who was it...
this wasn't some vague indistinct dream figure
this was a definite person...)

driving around the hillside roads
of Wellington

we stop
they? he gets out
or was it me

we stop
beside a wooden walkway
that lead up the hillside
the steep slope

to a good
five feet?
off the ground
where a landing stage
juts out from the hillside

landing stage?...
more a staircase landing

a wooden
but it is battered

possibly there used to be steps down to the road
but have been knocked away
or possibly they have been 'washed' away
and the wooden supports have corroded.

I get out from the car
and onto the landing
touching the ground

was I really asleep?

I need more sleep
I look tired all the time at the moment.

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