Sunday, July 12, 2009

12/13 July 2009 from notes

can I even recall this dream...

the notes say:

chatting to girl
after she fought in the street
appearance of tree
trying to cross
... crossing street

walking around 'american street'

motel about to be run by 'E'
gangsters debate - just be straight
it is a shitty motel
seeing you dad cowtow to that guy
young gangster guy fire fight kills robbers

ygg being told to break fingers? due to lack of tatooist to tatoo to proove he is worth of being old gangsters son

needing alchohlo

but they are backwards
from the moment of waking
the first thing that is remembered is the last thing that happened

Talk to a girl in the street.
she wasn't very tall
she was cute
we chatted and walked down the street together...

...before that
I had been walking up (?) and down the street
I had come to the dead end of the street - slight down hill from the very long
wide street
suburban - no, urban
respectable urban

there was a crossing
a pedestrian crossing
(was there?)
there was an intersection and people were crossing
(were there any people??
is this daylight embellishment??)

I was going to cross the street
and two
at least two people in front of me were as well
as they crossed the lights must have changed and cars came
some made it across
did they exist?
but two girls were caught crossing the street
one was caught half way and had to run to the middle
so did the other
or did she come all the way back to the pavement?
in the middle there was now a tree
that wasn't there a moment ago
I did not notice this in my dream
but now I note - this appeared out of nowhere
around the time it appeared
I was POVing as one of the girls /
as myself in the middle of the road
one of the girls
(the further along)
cute small one
had a bike against the tree
daylight embellishment?
with really tall handle bars
and then
I think she was fighting the slightly fatter other one
over the bike???
really not sure

It has been so long I'll post this now
and I'll post more of this later.

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