Tuesday, August 25, 2009

old dreamflake from old notes

From Notes:

Equvipelent' -
or a word similar
(spelt out in the dream)
- meaning
giving a gift (eg jewelry) to some one who knows the full previous meaning of the gift

TV shows short woman runs through
the evening crowds

on the phone
stating that only people on the list -
holds up my tattered - ripped up
address page from my pocket diary
- get mentioned in our magazine
they have paid
No one else

on the phone in the other room
not their office - but the open plan one beyond
with a 'donor' possibly told off

others come back from lunch
moves back to own office puts sign on the outside
the phone calls are secret

Guy pokes head around door
'don't look like you're that busy'

Woman (secretary) comes in
guy wants to chat

wonder how long she has been there
did she overhear?...

I must have WOKEN here
since there are no more notes.

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