Wednesday, August 12, 2009

dream from some time ago (from notes)

Apologies for not posting this earlier:

there's a back garden
being kept as a zoo
here a party is going on

the Tiger is being kept
in a Summer House
(posh shack like hut)
like the one my friend's family had at the bottom of their garden when I was a child
it was on rollers and you could twirl it around
it was wood and had a large amount of windows in the front - with double doors

Lion is also kept somewhere

both are out
Bunter (my cat) is a medium sized dog (???!)
and jumps up at me seeking attention?
not afraid - but keen
or was he afraid...
not sure

hair all up on end
scared - alarmed
or intensely aware

both Lion and Tiger are out -
I'm holding one by a leash
the other I have by the scruff of their neck
did I capture one ?
was it the lion?...

trying to not let them
get into a fight each other
(may or may not happen
not a definite though)

The Tiger is now back in the Summer House
Lion back in something lockable / secure

The Tiger tries to push their way out of the bottom of the old wooden door
it is slightly bendy
giving slightly
(as if rotten - rather than solid)
not sure how long this'll last

"This isn't going to hold
we need chains - something
to secure the door more -
one at the top, one at the bottom"
I'm telling

the party goers?...
what sort of party is it?
are there families? children?
it is daytime
I don't recall

I look in through the windows
inside the summer house
there's a bed
How long it'll be before the tiger realizes they can jump up on the bed
and hence up and over the top of the doors
and out
yes the Summer House doors are only so high
and there is a open gap between the top of the doors and the ceiling

then I realise that
out back of the Summer House
there is a pathetic weave fence
(that could never hold back any large beast)
about only 4 feet high!
possibly even less with the ground here rising up towards
the back of the Summer House.

'Surely the Tiger could get over this no problem!'
but around
the party people
laugh and drink outside this

Earlier - I was walking with the tiger on the leash without a problem...

and here's a bit of the notes I recall not:
when we were trying to keep the Tiger in the Summer House
under the doors
( I think around the time the Tiger was trying to get out)
little strange creatures
and little 'fake' creatures
are there for 'the ride'
what was this?
I really don't remember
did you need the little creatures as tickets
to get on the rollercoaster ride???
or were they trying to get on the back of the tiger for that ride?...

as we put the Tiger back in the Summer House
the Tiger ???
those who had come to my aid??
was grabbing up handfuls of the little creatures / the fakes...

and I wake...

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