Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25/26 August 09 -pattering of heavy dream-drops from last night

Why do I keep on dreaming about Russia?

well into the dream...
and we're in Russia

quite where I cannot recall
a prison?
some situation where escape is a desired option ?
something like that...

Grey day
bleak low buildings
muddy? broken grassless ground
grey churned frozen mud

A storm?
I look over there
a small tornado
grubby brown by the grey sheds
in the mid-distance
an old
a middle-aged man
is over there
I realize
possibly some one states this
'he's going to get away'
or such
(daylight embellishment?)
then we see - still in the distance
beyond the twister
he is confronted by 3 or 4 men
the main guy an official?
not in uniform
I don't recall if he runs away
or if he talks first
less convinced by the talking first

He runs
the main guy lifts his gun
do the others fire?
it seems likely they do
but I don't recall that
and I am the man on the run
and I can see the main guy holding his gun at arms reach in the distance
taking his time to aim
to kill me
am I the man on the run?
or nearby
not sure
the man on the run slows
does strange small head movements
to avoid being predictable
to avoid being shot
the man with the gun doesn't move
he waits -
the man on the run is about to pass behind the wall
and hence have cover
but I realise that the man with the gun has aligned it so at the point the escapee passes the wall is the point he can get a shot off
and that is getting closer and closer
and it doesn't matter how odd the escapee's head wiggles are
or how fast or slow they go
the point crossing behind the wall is the point when he'll have a clean shot

must have been
the Escapee / me???
is running down the grey open muddy street
other people are also running
the storm is still going

as he runs along
he comes across a beaked military (?) hat
lying in the rutted muddy ground
? a prison guard?
others are using the storm to escape
even those on the oppressing side

possibly he is a spy trying to escape...
not sure...
and it goes
faded by the sunlight of forgotten

possibly moments later
possibly after a long dream

there are maps
how to escape from Russia
they confuse me
the Arctic Circle as seen from above as a rectangular map
I never knew
Malaysia was so close to Alaska?
to the Arctic Circle
you just jump across

but here is another
the bottom slither of South America
and how
the bottom wedge of ?? Africa?
South America again?
touches it at right angles
between them
all yellow sandy land with a few squiggles of blue lines for water
rivers? or natural canals between seas
that beach must be huge...
and then on down to Antarctica

Not seen that before
too used to looking at it all on a globe
and then it is gone

much less clear
already mostly evaporated by the day

... living in a house...

...getting a bus...

... getting off...

being above the road
on the pavement above the route
we're not in New Zealand
America perhaps?...
not sure...

I'm looking down from the greenery
onto the road below
at the bus
spying on?
a mature woman
possibly in a business suit

I'm on the bus
possibly was looking down at the bus
after I got off...

I am on the bus
and I get off at the stop I think I should get off at
but I am wrong
I have to walk further along
I have gotten off a road too early
and so walk along the verdant grass side of the street
with trees towering around the route down the right turn I thought I should take.
I walk across the open grass - beside the road
cutting a corner to get to the next right turn

it turns out it to be a T junction
which seems odd to me
I'd swear it was a right turn where I get off.

But this is right
I walk to the right
this part of the street is crowded with houses and shops (?)
looks quite old London-esque

I walk down the street
memory fade

and I am inside the house with JK
am I inside the house climbing the stairs
and I meet JK?...

the rooms we pass seem full of stuff
books, records, all sorts of stuff
do all the rooms - or just some...
we come to a turning off the landing onto the stairs
and there are books and board games,
lots of old board games
tied together with string?
blocking the stairs
filling the stairs
I scramble over them
coming next to a stack of Tintin hardbacks
all resting spine up in my way
I try to step around them but cannot

JK comments he doesn't need to
I think it is that his longer legs means that he can step on the gaps inbetween the boxes and stuff - where as I have to walk on them...

the dream fades
was there more
I don't know


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