Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12/13 August, the end whisp of a dream

It had been a long dream
I groggily lay there writing this in my notebook when I woke early

even now as I type it up
I am aware of how logical it all felt

a lot had happened
but i don't recall any of it now
even as I noted it
I was aware I couldn't really grasp it beyond the immediate last few moments
those hours of dream-mists had already blow off by consciousness:

Some one else comes down to the vault
marble stairs
marble vault
daylight embellishment???
he was someone from earlier in the dream
possibly in narrative terms the antagonist?

we talk
the essence is we're saying
"here help us get this out of here"

he is going

was he official?
army ?
medals strip on official uniform??
or not?
guy in coat???
somehow - man with power??

I think
He is saying 'no' in the way - 'this is too useful for us here'
'it has potential'
it is powerful - hence keeping it here in Moscow
is useful for the Russian future
unconcerned about the danger to the people here...

I turn to him
"1oo rads, 2oo rads, 300 rads," - I keep counting
100 / second
'this is how much you're taking every moment'
we turn the corner of the stairs
"500, 550, 600, 650,"
my count changes
the stone between us will be absorbing the radiation
"this is how much radiation you taking"

"you give me that stuff, terrorism and a way to weaponize it
and I can make Moscow uninhabitable for a million years"*
(daylight entanglement
it wasn't quite said this way)

A blank look of uncomprehending terror

'That's not a thousand -
A Million.
so long your puny brain cannot comprehend it"

I pound the guy in the chest as I say this
(do I ?
or was that a daylight embellishment?)


I think
there was a race across Moscow ?
(the whole dream was set in russia
I think...
certain most of it was)
other people
were trying to stop us

we get to
the bank????
not sure
where we are headed
large Marble glorious hall
large entrance way windows?
sunlight streaming in everywhere

a marble set of steps
going down into the ground

going down these
they turn a corner into
a subterranian hallway
the vault
where everything else
(here recorded)
then happens
down to the vault

it all felt like a thriller
some film
very undreamlike

* = what i mean here
is if he keeps it here in Moscow
given two other things this is a likely outcome
not that 'I' would do this
but 'I' can foresee this as what will happen

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